How to avoid food waste and save money

by Pop Up Girl
Tipps gegen Lebensmittelverschwendung Reduce Foodwaste

I am shocked and far from proud of myself. So much garbage and that even though I only run a small 2-person-1-cat household. And I actually thought that I live consciously. But I realized I have to do better. For convenience, a plastic bottle or the cat food can is thrown in the garbage - instead of recycling. Or bought the salad wrapped in plastic. Because opening a bag instead of washing the fresh salad quickly saves 2 minutes ?! Or, or, or. The longer I think about it, the more I remember what I do so unconsciously day after day - in the belief that I am paying attention to the environment anyway. And then there is my job as a food blogger on top. I cook, try out recipes, photograph the dish, cook again - and of course produce new garbage again and again. Nevertheless I managed to keep the amount of food waste to an absolute minimum! And I make sure that everything I cook for my blog will always be eaten after I took the photos.

#ReduceFoodWaste - My everyday tips to prevent food waste

Today's article is primarily about what you can do to reduce food waste.Therefore I would like to give you a few tips on how everyone can do a little bit better and to waste less.

PS: Anyone who reads my recipes carefully may already know one or the other tip 😉

# 1: Well planned is half the battle: Make a meal plan for at least 3 days ahead and only buy what you really. This may be a small change at the beginning, but it really helps not to buy too much and it even saves you money! I had to learn that first, but since I always plan my posts in advance, I was forced to write shopping lists in advance. And that means: less food waste and more money in the piggy bank 😉

# 2 A tidy fridge and pantry - my best frenemy: An orderly fridge and / or pantry really helps to prevent food waste. I often have to remind myself of that. It's much easier to just stuff the freshly bought food in the fridge or pantry. But: out of sight out of mind! And so the products rot unnoticed in the back of the fridge or pantry. In addition, you tend to buy everything double and triple. A real tip is here: keep a list for your grocery cabinet. This helps you to keep an overview and to save money. PS: also the principle FIFO (Fist In Fist Out) might be helpful to remember. It means to bring the older food to the front and put the newer food in the back. So the older food is being used first.

# 3 Earning karma points made easy: You cooked too much ?! Then just freeze the leftovers in portions. Of course, this doesn't work with every meal. Hence an even better tip: Ask your neighbors or friends if they are hungry. Who is not happy about freshly cooked or baked goods ?! You won't believe how quickly “they” are at your doorstep when they hear “I've cooked too much. Who wants to come to dinner ?! PS: I would say there is a win-win situation here. Because you not only make your friends and acquaintances happy, but you also top up your Karma points account at the same time! #SharingIsCaring

# 4 Do it like Pippi Longstocking: And now my favorite tip: two times three makes four ... or something like that. Many dishes can be transformed almost infinitely and an entire food cycle is created…. For example, the leftovers of my basil-coriander-oil has been made into Pesto. Yesterday's salad can be used for a sandwich. And the dried out cake can be transformed into a trifle. You only need the egg yolk? Just freeze the egg whites or make an egg white omelet. The leftovers of homemade almond or hemp milk can be dried and used as a flour substitute for the next cake or bread ... There are so many ways that leftovers can be re-used. And I can tell you one thing: It's a really good feeling when you don't have to throw food away.

#5 Recipes to reduce food waste: So, I wanted to give you 5 smart pieces of advice on the way ... But ... Let's put it that way #ToBeContinued - there is a new section on my blog, where you will find many new ones in the future „Left-Over-Rezepte“, but also upcycling ideas and beauty-DIYs on the subject of recycling waste!

I hope I could give you some inputs on how to reduce food waste! Do you have any other tips? Then bring it on. I'm looking forward to hearing from you


💚 💕Cat 💕💚

PS: You have probably already noticed that I have changed a bit towards sustainability and a more conscious lifestyle. No, that's not entirely true: I've always made sure that I shop consciously, don't produce as much garbage or throw food away. But, as I said, if you take a closer look at your everyday behavior, you notice that you may not be doing as much as you could. At least that's how it was for me. And I decided to change something about it. I would say that I am in the middle of a big challenge that not only questions a lot that I thought was good or normal, but above all is a constant learning process. I am looking forward to taking you on my journey. Let's learn something new every day to contribute an important part (even if it's only a small part) to a more conscious society!

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